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Our study abroad program offers a wide range of academic opportunities, for aspiring students across the globe. We have taken time to research great institutions offering degree and certificate programs in high industry demand areas, and we have created a seamless path to walk you through.

Our services span across the key areas involved with studying abroad. From admission applications, through form i-20, to student SEVIS Fees payment and P.O.F (Proof of Funds). We ensure you are completely covered, each step of the journey you take with us. Our goal is to provide the most outstanding Study Abroad experience into Low-tuition institutions, an affordable fee. Our Study programs are available for both graduate and undergraduate studies respectively.   

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From undergraduate to graduate studies, you are guaranteed to gain admission into low-tuition institutions abroad, upon meeting institutional study requirements. Tuition fees as low as ($9500) per year/session.

Early Visa Dates

early date

Whether you are signed up for our Study program or not, our early visa date package to the USA is available to all, providing you the opportunity to secure and schedule both F1 & F2 Student’s visa dates, convenient for your study plans.  

SEVIS Fee Payments

SEVIS Fee payment

Have you been accepted into college but don’t know how to go about payment of SEVIS Fees? You can safely and comfortably pay SEVIS Fees with us, from anywhere in the world. 

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Our list of study programs and career path spans across Certificate, Undergraduate, and Postgraduate programs from reputable low-tuition institutions, covered in 3 study plans.

Basic Plan - $150

Our Basic plan provides guaranteed results with a limited number of institutions and study programs to choose from. It is a budget friendly option for students with a lean budget. 

Platinum Plan - $525

Our Platinum plan comes with a 90% guarantee from our trusted partner institutions. This plan provides faster admission opportunities for Post graduate and undergraduate students with English proficiency, a competitive CGPA and/or A level results.  

Diamond Plan - $985

Our Diamond plan comes with a 99% guarantee from our trusted partner institutions. This plan is ONLY available for students in the Film School category and provides faster admission opportunities within 3 weeks to one month. There’s also a 35% percentage money back guarantee if you experience visa denial.  

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We also provide assistance with:

Countries of Academic Opportunities.


Faculties of available programs



Medical Scs.

Film School.

Film Academy Enrolment

Fields in this category are listed below. 

* Film making
* Acting For a film
* Producing
* Musical Theater
* Photography
* Screenwriting
* Television Writing Screenwriting 
* Cinematic Virtual Reality Film making
* Broadcast Journalism
* Week Evening Digital Editing/Avid Digital Editing
* Documentary Film Making
* 3D Animation & VFX

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